Fantastic! Your main temperament is OCEAN... 
Let's find out what it means...
Important note: In the Marriage Capsule eCourse you will have access to the full version of the LOFS Temperament test. You will be able to accurately determine your own and your spouse’s main, secondary and unique combination temperaments with answering the 48 questions provided. Marriage Capsule will teach you how different temperaments think, act and communicate…. And even how your temperament influences your sex life!

DID YOU KNOW? The lack of knowledge of your own and your partner’s temperaments might be the core problem of your marriage.

REMEMBER: Apart from your main temperament, you will also have a secondary temperament and a unique combination. Your secondary temperament will often surface more prominent when under stress.
You are as powerful as the ocean! You are a born leader. You are decisive, dynamic, know exactly what you want and you have a pioneering spirit. You are an extrovert, a doer and an optimist. You like to organize and are a natural motivator. Having a bigger purpose and specific goals invigorate you to get up in the mornings and this is what your boundless energy can be attributed to. You are extremely active, you thrive on pressure and you love to achieve. Will-power comes naturally to you because you are self-disciplined and determined to get what you want. You are the pioneer that moves things forward. 

You like to compete and more importantly, you like to win. You can rule the world if they need you to! You exude confidence and you’re not easily discouraged. You are a big picture person with practical solutions. You delegate work and insist on productivity at all times. Activity is important and reaching targets and desired results are non-negotiable. You like to lead, organize and activate people and you can excel during emergencies. You don’t need a lot of friends on a social level but to these friends you are loyal and expect the same in return. At home, you take the lead and establish goals for your family. You motivate and move them into action. You like to organize your household so that everything functions well.

With all these brilliant strengths comes weaknesses. You might think it’s a small price to pay to be so dynamic, but there are aspects of your temperament that need working on. Luckily, you have what it takes to work on these weaknesses and make them part of the conquest you are already on. Be kind when you work with people or on any relationship. In your pursuit of greatness, you may sometimes be seen as unsympathetic and not sensitive enough. Your partner, family and colleagues might find you to be domineering, impatient, stubborn and that you are only using them to achieve your own goals! Find ways to be more patient and give grace to others, as you will often need it in return.
You are so much more than just your main temperament! As already mentioned, you also have a secondary and a unique combination temperament. Your secondary temperament tends to come to play in conflict and stressful situations... and that's when a misunderstanding can quickly turn into an explosive fight! And just think about it... what would happen if your main and secondary temperaments are equally strong? This is where things get interesting....!!
When doing the Complete LOFS Temperament test (more about this later), you will discover how uniquely you were created. How no person should be put into a box. How important it is that you and your partner understand one another's temperaments... and respect them for who they are... And much, much more!
LOFS will help you to make sense of yourself, your partner and your unique life together. LOFS will help you to unlock your Superpowers....
Okay... all fine and well... But what does my temperament have to do with my marriage?!
The basis of our relationship is communication and each temperament has a different means of communicating. Each temperament also needs varying amounts of information before being able to make a decision. An Ocean temperament would need 60% information before they make a decision; a Fountain around 70%; a Lake 80% and a Snow 200%!

“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it… it dies.” – Tony Gaskins

This plays out in normal life, every day! Let’s use John and Amy as an example*. John’s main temperament is Ocean and Amy is Snow. They need to buy a new family car. John and Amy had been saving up and finally they were ready to go shopping! The only decision they had to make was what car to buy… Easy, right? No such luck. This wonderful blessing that they were looking forward to ended in a huge fight with Amy in tears and John completely in the dark as to what he did wrong. Sounds familiar?

John knew what he wanted. A white Honda, Toyota or Ford that comfortably seats everyone in the family, within their predefined budget, with a maintenance plan.

Amy knew the specifications of the car, but wanted to make sure that they had all the information of all the different options available on the market, in order to get the best value for their money. She went to great lengths and effort to finally get a top 10 list and proudly presented the list to John. John looked at the list and chose the white Toyota in a second. “Don’t you want to at least consider all the others? I spent a lot of time on research” Amy asked. “Now that was unnecessary Amy”, John replied. “Why do you need to go overboard on everything?” Amy was shocked. She wanted to ensure that they got the best possible car for their family. “Why don’t you care about our family’s money and safety?” she fought back. John, looking irate, sighed and gave the final blow, “You are just like your mother! Why must every single decision always involve a research document?!?”

As an Ocean, John needs less information to feel comfortable to make a decision, but Amy, as a Snow, needs the exact opposite - she needs a lot of information. As a couple, they now understand this reality and are now living life and approaching their marriage differently. When they recently decided to go on holiday, it was decided that Amy would look at all the options and present John with her top 5. John then looked at Amy’s top 5 (with all the pros and cons!) and they voted on the best option for their family together. John now appreciates the fact that Amy will go to great lengths to uncover the best options, and Amy appreciates John’s ability to take leadership and help her come to a decision.

Understanding and accepting each other’s temperaments has a huge influence on how they now tackle different tasks and conversations in their marriage.

Their secret breakthrough was taking up the Marriage Capsule challenge and doing the eCourse that included the full LOFS Temperament test.

Do you want to do the full LOFS test and understand yourself and your partner better? Do you want to make better decisions and have better communication in your marriage just like John and Amy?
Who is John and Amy?
An everyday couple, just like you and me, who grasped the importance of always working on their marriage. They did the complete Marriage Capsule Course (of which LOFS, level 2 of Marriage Capsule, is now available as a standalone product).
LOFS had such a massive impact on their marriage, that they are now some of our most loyal LOFS ambassadors!
"LOFS was a revelation for us! We now understand how the other person think and what they need, and we have more respect for the way that the make decisions... which means that we don't fight about every single aspect in our relationship anymore! This was really an "EUREKA!" moment in our marriage and we encourage every couple to do LOFS and see that effect it can (will!) have on your marriage! ~ John and Amy
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