FREE Temperament Test for your Marriage
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Lake, Ocean, Fountain or Snow...
... and what that means for your marriage!
All across the World people are familiar with their Love Languages... They are now taking it one step further and discovering their "Superpowers"!

Do you want to know what the "fuss" is all about? 

The fuss is about LOFS, a Temperament Test for Couples that have been completed by couples all over the World! LOFS is an acronym for Lake... Ocean.... Fountain.... Snow.

Before we help you to determine your temperament, let's look at a couple of facts about temperaments:
What is your temperament?
Your temperament is the real you. Your personality is a so called dress you put on over your temperament. Your temperament is inherited and influenced by six people – your parents and your four grandparents. This temperament is the original version of you before you were educated, trained and changed by the events in your life. As we form habits and learn behaviour patterns, we develop our character and a “face” that we show the world.

Knowing and understanding your temperament will empower you and simultaneously free you, because you will be able to understand that this is how you were created. You can stop the comparison game! You are not and you shouldn’t be like any other person. No one is perfect. Even the people who you believe to be better than you, have their own temperament type with their own strengths and weaknesses.

There are no perfect people and there are no perfect couples. 
At Marriage Capsule we’ve developed the LOFS temperaments based on the four temperament classification discovered by Hippocrates, known as the Father of Medicine (460-370 BC). Many profiling tests have used these findings to develop further tests. It is probably one of the oldest theories and it is in no way perfect, but then again, no temperament test is perfect. It will, however, give you answers to questions about your relationship dynamic and it will help you understand your inner world a bit better. It is a tool you can use to grow as a person and for you as a couple to grow towards a happy marriage.

LOFS uses different forms of water to explain different temperament types. Why water? Water is the most important source of life; it is the basis of all living organisms.

The characteristics of the different water forms closely relate to the temperament type and will help you form a picture in your mind
So, are you a Lake, Ocean, Fountain or Snow?
The LOFS test within Marriage Capsule will take you through 48 Questions in an interactive quiz with a very unique scoring formula to accurately determine your primary, secondary and unique combination temperament.  
But let's start right here with a FREE 
(shortened and much more basic) version of  LOFS: