Discover your "Superpowers"
Do the LOFS Temperament Test and discover who you and your partner really are! The LOFS Temperament Test is the ONLY Temperament Test specifically developed for COUPLES. 
The complete LOFS Temperament test is a "mini course" with 22 modules and includes the following:
  •  An interactive test with 48 questions that determine your temperament scientifically - complete the test on your phone, tablet or pc.
  •   Discover your primary, secondary and unique combination temperament - this will give you measurable insights into who you are and how you act.
  •  Discover your partner's primary, secondary and unique combination temperament - this will uncover a whole new world in terms of how they think and operate.
  •  4 animation videos  that explain how life at home looks for the different temperament types.
  •  Learn to live with your differences and enjoy a better life together.
  • ​Discover the 5 rules  that will help you tackle any challenge in your marriage.
  • Interactive challenges - including a "test your knowledge quiz".
  • ​The "kneecap" method - this will help you to share more about your temperament with your partner, which will have a sustainable positive influence on your relationship.
  • Bonus: Discover how different temperaments communicate. These secrets will give your marriage a massive boost!
  • Bonus: Discover what different temperaments want and enjoy in the bedroom. Prepare to be amazed....
  •  'n Free eBook with difficult questions and answers (specifically related to temperaments) - answered by a marriage counselor and mentor. Questions include: Are their temperaments that are not compatable in a marriage? Is a Snow more prone to deression?   My wife uses her temperament as an excuse for her behaviour.... is it okay of her to do so?
  • ​'n Free video with Dr Arnold Mol - get practical tips on how to make the best of life, no matter how similar or how different your temperaments are! 
As you can see, this is not a "quick little test" that you can do over lunch... LOFS is a mini course that provides massive value! Make sure that you allocate at least 90 minutes to 2 hours to work through the course with your partner. 

LOFS will empower and enrich your marriage. With 45% of marriages that ends in the divorce court, LOFS can help you to be part of the 55% whose marriages last!

You are unique. Your marriage is unique. LOFS is unique.

Success Stories from other Couples that have already done LOFS:
I'm a SnowLake and my husband is an OceanFountain. We are complete opposites!  😀 We now have a better understanding of one another, and even created a "safe word" which we use in stressful times to lighten the mood a bit!
My wife is an SnowLake and I'm an Ocean Snow. The LOFS temperament test meant a lot for us! We feel more in sync with one another, thanks to the revelations we found through LOFS.
The LOFS Temperament Test meant a lot to us! We feel more in sync with each other because of it!
This was very interesting! Now we understand the reason for the way we react sometimes and why we get frustrated with one another.
The LOFS Temperament Test was so insightful! We now understand a lot of things differently!
My husband is a SnowOcean and I'm a FountainOCean. This is so interesting! Now we understand why we act the way we do, and why we sometimes frustrate one another so much!
LOFS made us realize that we are complete opposites! We never thought of this before! What an insightful product! I would recommend it to everyone we know!
LOFS was an “eye opener.” We had so many "eureka moments" while doing the course! My husband is an OceanFountain and I'm a SnowLake. #knowingmeknowingyou